Having the right size hoop can be the difference between frustration and success. If you've tried hooping with a kid sized hoop and couldn't succeed, it's not that surprising. When you are a kid you have a smaller waist so a smaller hoop makes sense, an adult just needs a larger hoop!

I am proud to say I take the time to make sure all hoops are a good fit for you! You'll want a hoop that fits for what you expect of it. Do you want a fitness hoop and just mainly want to waist hoop or do you want to learn tricks and dance around? You'll probably want a different hoop depending on what you'll be doing! 

Hoop Weight and tubing diameter - Standard hoops are made from polyethelene tubing. I offer 4 different weights for hoops:

1/2'' 125 psi - lightweight/smaller
3/4'' 100psi - great "in between" weight 
3/4'' 160 psi- a great option for on body/great for beginners/fitness hoopers
1'' 100psi - great for beginners and those that like to "feel the hoop"

Hoop size - A standard adult hoop standing on end will reach somewhere between your bellybutton and your shoulders. A larger heavier hoop is best for beginners and those trying to learn new tricks. A smaller hoop is great for some more advanced moves as it moves faster around your body. A good starting point for a hoop is a 40'' diameter hoop. When in doubt, go bigger. The bigger the hoop, the slower it will rotate on your body, giving you more time to feel it and to keep it up! 

If you aren't sure what size hoop would be best for you, feel free to try out any of my in stock hoops. Hoops are meant to be played with! I have hoops from 34'' diameter up to over 50''. 

Tape/Colors - Hoops can come in almost any color. There are different tapes in addition to different colors. Vinyl is the tape I use most. Gaffer tape adds grip to your hoop. Glitter tape and Glow in the Dark tape add some extra glitz. I have tons of colors of in stock tape, and additional tapes can be ordered for a custom hoop for an additional charge.  I tape the hoops to as near to perfection as possible. I make sure the tapes line up, no tubing is exposed, and there are no buckles or rips in the tape. I am proud of my work and recommend you spend your money on quality products. You don't want to buy a hoop to just have the tape peel! 

Noise - Do you want your hoop to make noise? Let me know! Some people love a little noisemaker in their hoop, others don't.