My Hula Hoop Journey

The first time I hula hooped wasn't when I was a little kid - it was when I was in college. In 2002,  I went to The Finger Lakes Grassroots Music Festival and ran into a wonderful woman, Sanna Parker.  She let me borrow her hoop to practice for The Happiness Parade. From this one hoop I played and taught myself how to hoop. Hoops have become a huge part of my life. I spent one summer away at college playing with my hoop in almost all of my free time. I almost always have a hoop with me now in case I want to hoop to some great live music or teach some friends. I'm amazed at the community that has grown up around hooping since I started. When I started there was no one else to talk to figure out moves, and barely any videos on youtube. Now we have great resources and a great community that is always growing.