To Care For Your Hula Hoop

  • Try and store your hoop flat. Storing it vertically can make it warp. Beware of storing your hoop in a hot car as it makes it much more likely to warp. In case this happens, leave your hoop flat in the sun, let it heat up, and then gently push down gently on your hoop to reshape it. 
  • Don't hoop on rough surfaces. Asphalt, concrete, gravel, and stone can scuff your tape. Hoop on grass, carpet and soft surfaces to hoop your hoop looking new longer.
  • Use a mild soap and slightly damp cloth to wash off a dirty hoop. Too much water can make some tapes peel!
  • Please resist playing tug of war, jump rope, or putting a backspin (walking the dog) on your new hoop. This can be hard on the connection and can scuff the tape. Scuffed tape can eventually leave small cuts on your body and hands. Broken connections mean a broken hoop.

If you take good care of your hoop, it can last you years. I have hoops over a 10 years old that are still going strong. In case your hoop tape does get scuffed, it is possible to retape it and make it look brand new again.